Residential Services

Residential Trash and Recycling Services: 
Curbside and Alley Pickup Available

  • Cost for weekly trash pick-up service is only $22 a month for 95 gallon totes, $20 per month for single can up to 65 gallons. (Pricing varies for Rural areas outside of Colorado Springs city limits, and for unique situations. Please contact us for more or click here to see service map).

  • Complimentary 65 gallon or 95 gallon rolling trash can is included. You may utilize your own cans as well for trash. 

  • We bill quarterly, in advance (every 3 months).

  • There is no start up fee for services and no contracts to sign.

  • Our prices include all costs, there are no stacking fees! 

  • Please set your trash out early in the morning of your scheduled pick-up day.  We start trash pick-up services at 7:00 a.m.

  • 2 bags of waste, up to 32 gallons each, in addition to your can are allowed at no extra cost per week. Each additional bag thereafter is $1/each.

  • Extra tote needed? No problem. We offer additional cans for $10 each per month.

  • On windy days we secure your cans, if you do not see them at the curb please look in the immediate area near your home (around trees, bushes, or near your home). High winds can blow your can through the neighborhood, we will place it in a secure area to prevent you from chasing your cans once they are emptied!

  • Lid secure is offered for a ONE TIME FEE of $10 per tote. This is not a reinforced bear proof can, but helps secure against high winds and wildlife getting in the trash. The lid is secured with a side release buckle.

  • Smaller household, not enough trash to fill a 95 gal tote? We are now offering 65 gallon rolling totes or single can service for only $20 per month. We provide complementary 65 gallon rolling totes.

  • If you choose to use your own cans please let us know what to look for, or we can provide you with a Carefree Disposal sticker for the side to ensure it is easily spotted by our drivers. We do not pick up other company's bins. We supply our own containers, free of charge, and can drop off a new Carefree Disposal rolling tote for you if you do not have your own unmarked personal receptacle. 

  • Extra Large Items? We do take extra large items such as matresses. You must arrange for pickup ahead of time and there is additional dump fees for large items. Please contact us for more details on your specific needs. Click here to see general pricing on extra charge items.

  • We Now Have Bear- Resistant Can Options! Bear- resistant cans are in high demand and we have limited availability. We now have options for purchase, or we offer our bear can service for $36 per month which includes a bear-resistant can provided by Carefree Disposal. Please contact us for availability.

Carefree Disposal truck trash pick up

Unable to get your trash to the curb? We are here to help! We offer carry-out services for your convenience. Please contact the offices to set up carry-out service in addition to your regular pickup. Leave your waste in an area visible from the street and we will come up to your house to collect it, and return your can to the same location for you. This service is available starting at an additional $10 per month.  (Pricing may vary for select properties).

Carry-Out Services

65 gallon tote 95 gallon tote

Carefree Disposal is your carefree solution to trash pickup. We offer both trash and recycling pickup for Colorado Springs residents. Simply taking out the trash should be easy! Let Carefree Disposal handle the trash and trust that we will be there every week, helping keep our hometown clean, one household at a time. We do all we can to rest assured our neighbors are well taken care of!

Colorado Wildlife and Your Trash!

Effective March 1, 2020 Bear Management and Resistant Trash Ordinance requires residents and businesses within the bear management area, mainly areas west of I25 within the city limits, to secure their trash or use bear-resistant trash containers. Please click on the map to see if you are within the purple shaded areas on the Bear Management map. 

What does this mean for you? If your address falls west of I25 in the purple shaded area you have 2 choices: keep your trash containers secure in your garage/shed or home until trash pickup day; or use a bear resistant container for your trash.  

This practice applies to all properties and zoning designations within the Bear Management Area to include single-family residential, multi-family residential, commercial, and industrial uses. Recycle bins do not have to be bear-resistant. Cost for noncompliance:

  • First violation – $100

  • Second violation – $250

  • Third and subsequent violation – $500


Carefree Disposal now has Bear-resistant cans with the option to purchase or lease! Supplies are limited so please contact us directly if you are interested in aquiring a Bear-resistant can.


Raccoons, birds, squirrels, deer...One of the greatest reasons to live in Colorado Springs is for the beauty and native ecosystem; when it comes to trash our worlds collide! High winds can contribute to trash ending up in the street and attracting critters. The aroma of hot trash on a blistering summer day is an irresistible fragrance to the local wildlife. Non-agricultural (neighborhoods, cities, towns, etc.) conflicts center around high-calorie human food sources, primarily trash, but this also includes bird seed, pet food, fruit trees, landfills and other organic food sources. Bears are highly intelligent creatures, and once they find a honey pot, just like Winnie the Pooh, they will be back for more! It is very hard to detour a bear once it has been "food conditioned" to find an easy meal. This usually results in hundreds of dollars in property damage, close encounters that become too close, or ends in the ethnicization of the bear. Best practice is to keep your containers indoors in a secure location, remove or place bird feeders in an area that is unreachable to bears, keep grills in the garage, never feed your pets outside, harvest fruit from trees often, and make sure you practice proper recycling and risnse all food and drink containers of reminants before putting them in the recycling bin (CPW-Human-Bear-Conflict).

Lid secure strap on trash can

We offer a lid secure option for your complementary tote provided by Carefree Disposal. Lets face it, if a bear wants's going to get in. One big pounce and your container is demolished. Bear-resistant approved containers are steel reinforced with heavy lids. Our 95 gallon rolling totes are not reinforced, and though they are sturdier than most, they do not qualify as a certified bear-resistant container. By securing the lid for a one time fee of $10, we hope to add a little extra deterrent when it comes to wildlife. The side release buckle keeps your lid secure and locked down, so that you don't need to worry that things will litter the ground when you set your tash on the curb for pickup on a windy day. If a critter does happen to come knockin' when your trash is out, we hope the resistance to getting in your can sends them on their way with disappointment.  

We Now Have Options for Bear-Resistant Containers. Many of our suppliers are on back order, but we do have access to limited supplies. You may have to pre-order your bin in some cases. To purchase a Bear-resistant container please contact us. Bear-resistant containers are $325 each, or we offer bear can service which includes a bear-resistant can provided by Carefree Disposal for use with weekly services for only $36 per month.