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Just because it has a recycle symbol, it doesn't mean its truly recyclable. Your local Material Recovery Facility (MRF) may not process some of these items. Improperly recycled items can end up causing whole loads to be discarded back to the landfill.

In Colorado Springs, our local Material Recovery Facility is where all recycling waste goes to be sorted before being shipped off, broken down and recycled. They accept plastics #1-7, but with True Recycling only bottles and jugs marked with #1-7 are able to be properly broken down. Because of this we suggest you limit plastics and choose to reuse them instead!

Magazines are another example. Yes they are accepted, but the glue on the binding, the glossy paper and sample inserts make the recycling process on these harder to sort. They end up in a mixed media bin that is more difficult to process. To be a True Recycler, we suggest leaving anything with glue, colored paper and glossy coating, UV coating or poly-coating, wax coating and plastics other than those of bottles out of the recycle

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Need to Know What to Recycle & Not?

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  • Residential Recycling Only $10 per month!

  • All recycling is weekly pick up on the same day as trash.

  • Carefree provides a complementary rolling recycle tote for all customers. Your choice of 65gal or 95gal bin. 

  • No need to separate your items, all recycle can be placed in one single bin!

  • Do not place any type of plastic bag in your bin, all items should be loose and not bagged.

  • Residential recycling is billed quarterly (three months in advance).

Can Size
Carry Out
Extra Tote
Less than 65 Gallon
65 Gallon
City Limits
95 Gallon


  • We have 1 cubic yard, 1.5 cubic yard, 2 cubic yard, 3 cubic yard, 6 cubic yard, and 8 cubic yard recycle receptacles.

  • Carefree Disposal provides receptacles free of charge.

  • Keep out the trash with a locking bar for a one time charge of $20.

  • All of our commercial receptacles and trucks are rear load, so we ask that one of our representatives stop by your property to survey accessibility. 

  • Commercial accounts are billed 30 days in advance.

  • ​​Each business' situation is unique, so please contact us to explore the best options for YOU! Check out our commercial service page for more!


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