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recycle service faq's



Do you accept credit cards for payment?
Yes, we accept all major debit and credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. Declined/returned payments will incur a $5 processing fee. 


What are the fees charged?  What do you charge for delivery and pick up of totes?

We do not charge any fees or surcharges. Our prices are all-inclusive.

There are special cases where we may need to adjust your base price (homes that utilize carryout service on long driveways are one example of why pricing may be adjusted).

How often will I be billed?

Residential services are billed quarterly (three months) in advance. Commercial accounts are billed every 30 days. If you are unable to make payment please contact us right away so we can work out a payment arrangement with you! We do not refund for services paid in advance. If we deem a refund is appropriate, there is a $20 bank processing fee for all amounts refunded. 

Where can I mail a payment by check?

Please send all payments to our secure post office box: PO BOX 15561 Colorado Springs, CO 80935.

Do you have discounts available? 

We offer a senior discount for those 60 years and older. We do our best to keep pricing as affordable as possible. We understand that seniors tend to produce less waste than most. We have our fees we have to pay to remove waste and we do not recieve discounts. Our all-in-one pricing and reliable services speak for themselves, and do not offer discounts outside of the senior discount.


If my pickup day falls on a holiday, will you still be coming to get my trash that day?
We work all holidays except:
​Memorial Day
Fourth of July (We will be OPEN July 4th 2024)
Labor Day
Christmas Day
New Year’s Day

During holiday schedule all routes will be delayed one day following the holiday if a holiday falls on a Saturday or Sunday there will be NO changes.

  • ​For example: Thanksgiving Day falls on a Thursday and offices are closed. If your trash is normally collected on Thursday, your pick-up will then be on Friday. Memorial Day falls on a Monday, so all routes that week will be picked up one day later: Monday route will be picked up on Tuesday, Tuesday will be picked up Wednesday, Wednesday will be picked up Thursday, Thursday will be picked up Friday, Friday will then be picked up on Saturday.

  • If the Holiday falls on a weekend there will be no changes to your pick-up: for example, July 4, 2021, was on a Sunday. Since the closure date fell on a weekend there were no changes to the schedule; despite July 5, 2021, being a national observance day. All schedules remain the same. 

​What happens if the weather is bad?

We always attempt to make pickups as scheduled. If collection is canceled due to unforeseen circumstances, we will attempt to follow the holiday schedule by servicing your area the next business day. If there are delays, we will send out an announcement on our social media, through an e-mail blast, and on our app which can be downloaded from our website, google play, and apple store, Spaces by WIX app. 

What do I do when I go on vacation? you are leaving on vacation, please contact our offices to temporarily suspend services during your absence. We do not credit accounts for service interruption unless service is suspended for four weeks or more. 



What area of Colorado Springs do you serve?
We offer service in Colorado Springs in areas West of Marksheffel Rd, and South of Woodman Rd.  Feel free to call or email with your address and we will contact you to confirm if you are in our service area or visit our service area map on our services page.

​​​What time can I expect your truck to arrive at my house?

Pickup can be any time after 7:00 a.m. Pickup times may vary or be adjusted at any time.

​Does my trash have to be placed out at the curb?  Do you offer a carry out service?
We offer both curb, alley access and carry out service. Curb service requires you to place the trash within three feet of the street. Carry out service allows you to have your cans picked up from an area that is visible from the street; we will collect the trash and then return the cans to their original location with carry out services.

Will Carefree Disposal pick up trash from inside my garage?
No, unfortunately, insurance regulations prohibit us from entering a garage on our own, even if the door is left open, but we will take it from right outside the door with our carry out service.

Can I drop off items to you to dispose of?

We do not accept drop offs at any location. Large loads and extra large items can be collected at the curb with your regular weekly pick up with prior arrangement. We cannot dispose of electronics, hazardous waste such as oil/paint, or any toxic/flammable items. Please contact your El Paso County Hazardous Waste Facility or local hazardous waste specialists to dispose of Hazardous materials. 



Do I have to provide my own cans, or will Carefree Disposal provide me with a container?
We furnish and maintain a wheeled refuse container with an attached lid at no extra charge to you, but you are more than welcome to use your own if preferred.   

Sometimes I have more trash than my cans can hold…will I be charged extra?
Two extra bags are included at no charge, up to 32 gallons each. Any amount over the free two bag limit is $2 per bag up to 32 gallons, and large contractor bags are $4 each.

I put my cans out and now I don't see them at the curb. Where are my cans?​

As part of our customer care, we make sure to secure your cans. If it is a windy day in Colorado Springs, we want to make sure your cans do not blow away down the street, and we make sure to secure them once they are emptied. Look around your immediate area of property near a bush, under the tree or up against your house. We move the can to a visible area where it is sure to stay put in high wind conditions until you can get to them yourself.​ If you are delinquent on your account we may have collected our cans due to non-payment. Please contact our office to arrange for payment if you have fallen behind and believe we may have removed our totes. 

​Do you provide bear proof cans?​
Bear-resistant cans are available for purchase for $350. We do not offer rent to own on our bear cans. Supplies are limited and demand is high, so please contact us directly if you need a bear can.


Can I throw out electronics and appliances?

No. Electronics such as televisions, computers, gaming systems are not accepted at the landfill. This includes appliances, light bulbs, and any other hazardous material that may contain processing units, fluorescents, freon, or radioactive components. 

Does Carefree Disposal take large items, such as furniture and mattresses?

Yes, we can take most large items with prior notice. Please call or email us and we will take your extra items for a nominal fee. Our landfill and dump fees for all mattresses are high and we suggest checking with local mattress recycling centers to dispose of all mattresses before sending it off to the landfill.  

Can I throw out oil, paint, pesticides, batteries, etc.?
All the items just mentioned above are considered hazardous materials and are not acceptable materials for a landfill. You would need to contact El Paso County Waste at 719-520-7878 to dispose of hazardous materials.

​Will you take branches and leaves away?

Yes, for an extra fee we will dispose of your yard materials, but they must be bagged and bundled for pickup. Two extra bags, up to 32 gallons each are included in addition to your tote. Each bag up to 32 gallons thereafter are $2 each, including yard waste. We ask that you do not fill with heavy materials such as landscaping rocks or heavy mulch. These materials must be placed in our tote to be lifted by our truck assists. Branches must be bundled in manageable bundles four feet or less in length. Individual branches must be three inches or less in diameter. Christmas trees are accepted with prior arrangement and must be cut down to five feet or less.

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