Carefree Disposal provides residential trash pick-up to residents and businesses in Colorado Springs, CO. We provide service to areas in Colorado Springs West of Powers Blvd. and South of Woodman Rd. Please see our area map by clicking here.

65 or over? You qualify for our Senior Discount of $2 off a month on residential trash pick-up services. 

Residential Services 


  • With residential service you have the choice of using your own can, or our complementary 65 gal for $20 per month, or standard 95 gal for $22 per month. (Pricing varies for Rural areas outside of Colorado Springs city limits and unique situations. Please see service area map or contact us for more).

  • Complimentary black 65 gallon or 95 gallon rolling trash can is included.

  • We have limited bear-resistant totes for purchase, or we offer bear can service for $36 per month, which includes a bear-resistant can. 

  • We bill quarterly, in advance (every 3 months).

  • There is no start up fee for services and no contracts to sign. Just one flat rate!

  • Please set your trash out early in the morning of your scheduled pick-up day.  We start trash pick-up services at 7:00 a.m.

  • 2 bags of waste, up to 32 gallons each, in addition to your can are allowed at no extra cost per week. Each additional bag thereafter is $1/each.

  • Extra tote needed? No problem. We offer additional cans for $8 each per month.

  • On windy days we secure your cans, if you do not see them at the curb please look in the immediate area near your home (around trees, bushes, or near your home). High winds can blow your can through the neighborhood, we will place it in a secure area to prevent you from chasing your cans once they are emptied!

  • Lid secure is offered for a ONE TIME FEE of $10 per tote. This is not a reinforced bear proof can, but helps secure against high winds and wildlife getting in the trash. The lid is secured with a side release buckle.

  • Smaller household, not enough trash to fill a tote? We offer single can pickup (up to 32 gallons or 2 bags)  starting at $20 per month. You must have your own can, we do not provide smaller than 65 gallon rolling toters for use. 

  • We offer recycling service add on to your regular trash services for an additional $10 per month, and we supply a complementary rolling 65 gallon or 95 gallon rolling tote if needed. Your recycle will be picked up same day as trash on a weekly basis. Visit our recycle page for more!

Carry-out Services:

Unable to get your trash to the curb? We are here to help! We offer carry-out services for your convenience. Please contact the offices to set up carry-out service in addition to your regular pickup. Leave your waste in an area visible from the street and we will come up to your house to collect it, and return your can to the same location for you. This service is available starting at an additional $8 per month.  (Pricing may vary for select properties).

recycle symbol white.png
Recycle Services
  • Add Recycling pick-up to your residential trash service for an additional $10 a month for once a week pickup. (Pricing varies for Rural areas outside of Colorado Springs city limits).

  • Use your own or choose one of our complimentary 65 gal or 95 gal rolling recycle cans.

  • Please be sure to rinse your used items to rid them of any food debris before putting in your recycle container.

  • Please no broken glass, aluminum foil or plastic lids on bottles, as these items are not accepted for recycle.

  • We can take your aluminum cans (well rinsed), Plastic containers, tin or steel cans, glass jars or bottles (all colors, but no drinking glasses), paper (no neon, or photo paper), paperboard (cereal, cracker, pasta boxes), cardboard (corrugated, rigid, unwaxed with packing material and tape removed), aerosol cans (no caps), junk mail, newspaper, paper egg cartons, and paperback books (no hardcover).

  • SPECIALTY ITEMS: Car batteries, fluorescent bulbs, rechargeable batteries, printer cartridges and cell phones, and electronics are specialty items and are NOT ACCEPTED.


Commercial Services 

Now Available!


HOA or Property Manager?

We have several options for those with multiple properties to service. Please contact us for specifics or request information on our PARTNERSHIP PROGRAM! 

  • We have 2, 3, 6 and 8 cubic yard receptacles available for our fellow local businesses within our service areas.

  • We accommodate those who need twice a week pickup or more, otherwise we service once a week, so be sure to mention frequency when joining the Carefree family!

  • Need something larger than 3 cubic yards? We have limited availability, please contact us directly for options and a free quote!

  • Contact us directly for pricing on all commercial services!

Carefree Disposal Service Area


Recycle $10/month


Recycle $12/month


Recycle $14/month

Commercial Pricing varies. Please contact us directly for quote.