Summer Time Trash Talk

Updated: Aug 1

It's that time of year! Summer in the Rockies not only brings the tourists to town, but sends locals heading outdoors to enjoy the beauty and wonder of the lands they call home. With summer heat moving in, there are many factors to consider when talking about trash. Barbeques, yard work, camping, updating your curb appeal...with the increase in activities during the hot summer months, I want to talk trash with you!

Those sunrays hit the house, a cool breeze blows in and you just can't help yourself; you have to get out there! The winter months have left a layer of pine needles on the ground, the native weeds have begun to flourish and the grass is growing out of control in spots. Maybe you have a tree that didn't make it this season, or one that is growing out of control and needs tended to; Elm trees are the worst! Yard waste is increased during the hot summer months, but what do you do with it?

Carefree Disposal allows 2 bags of yard waste in addition to your regular trash each week. Throwing your loose grass clippings and pine needles directly into your bin is common, but it's always best to secure it in a bag before throwing away. Pine needles and cones sat through the winter, breaking down under the snow and spring rains. As leaves and pines pile up and the sun melts the snow away, mold finds a perfect breeding ground to thrive in. The thick layers of dampness create one of Colora